Excess Flow Vavle (EFV)

The safe delivery of gas remains a primary mission of the worldwide natural gas industry. To help accomplish this fundamental task, more and more utilities are taking safeguards to minimize occurrences of blowing gas due to pipe line breaks caused by third party damage and natural disasters. And the easiest, most dependable, and economical way is with an EFV excess flow valve from Elster Perfection.


  • Self-actuating valve
  • Automatic reset when line pressure is equalized. Full shut off design also available
  • Consistent trip flow rate
  • Easy to install using Elster Perfection Permasert® couplings, PermaLock® mechanical tapping tees, polyethylene sticks, and more
  • Industry leading flow characteristics
  • Metallic valve housing provides consistent operation without binding in coil PE tubing

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PermaLock Mechanical Tapping Tees
PermaLock® Mechanical Tapping Tees

PermaLock® Mechanical Tapping Tees

Our full-encirclement mechanical tapping tee is the safe, reliable and economical way to join a polyethylene service line to a polyethylene gas main and has given more than 20 years of safe, reliable operation. PermaLock EFV tees provide a simple, gas-tight, non-heat fusion service line connection without special equipment and can be installed in as little as five minutes.

  • Economical means of installing EFVs into new service lines without the need for special tools- Saves money vs heat fusion or electro fusion tapping tees
  • No special tools or costly installation equipment
  • Main sizes of 1-1/4", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" and 12" IPS
  • Suitable for all polyethylene service tee to main connections (no "dissimilar fusion" concerns)
  • Full-encirclement and double lock design creates extra connection support and improves safety and long term performance
  • Molded from ASTM D 2513 gas grade materials
  • Permits pigging of the main
  • Allows for EFV installation closest to the main for maximum service line protection
  • Permasert and fusion outlet sizes from 1/2" CTS to 1-1/4" IPS
  • A cleaner and greener solution: No power source is needed and causes no noise and no pollution

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Stick and Stick-by-Permasert
Permasert® Mechanical Couplings, Reducers, & Blind Ends

Permasert® Mechanical Couplings, Reducers, & Blind Ends

For more than 40 years and 50 million installations, Permasert couplings have meant safe, reliable gas distribution. The Perfection Permasert 2.0 from Honeywell builds on that success with an innovative design that features ID and OD seals. The result: faster connections at lower cost in virtually any weather, now with two layers of gas-tight protection against leaks and imperfections.


ID and OD seals provide greater protection against nuisance leaks and pipe variations.

Inner diameter seal: Helps protect against nuisance leaks from scratched pipe.

Outer diameter seal: Helps protect against variations in wall thickness.

Two-piece stiffener: More flexible than single-piece stiffeners to minimize gaps and stress.

  • Permasert® products are non-corrosive and molded from industry leading PE4710/Bimodal PE3408 which provides significant performance advantages versus other polyethylene resins.
  • All Permasert® products have a pull-out strength greater than the polyethylene tubing it is connected to. The polyethylene tubing will fail before the Permasert® couple fails.
  • Its one-piece construction and design ensure consistent, gas-tight connections in all weather conditions.
  • Much faster to install than competing joining methods so is perfect for emergency middle of the night call-out repairs.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1/2" CTS through 2" IPS
  • Permasert® Reducing Couplings are available with outlet sizes ranging from 1/2" CTS through 2" IPS
  • Permasert® Blind End Stubs and Caps are available in sizes ranging from 1/2" CTS through 2" IPS

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Chamfering Tools
Chamfer Tool

Chamfer Tool

Elster Perfection’s chamfering tools create a consistent quality bevel to the polyethylene pipe that is required to install Elster Perfection’s Permasert Mechanical Coupling. The chamfering tool is two-sided to accommodate multiple tubing sizes essentially eliminating the need for additional tools.

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Honeywell Perfection developed the industry’s first plastic to steel anodeless service-line riser in 1972. Today, nearly 20 million Honeywell Perfection risers have been installed worldwide and they are still the industry’s number one anodeless riser. Perfection risers are number one because our risers provide such an easy-to-install method for polyethylene-to-steel transitions and they give you the confidence of knowing you've made a safe, permanent transition each time. Perfection risers offer a unique pressure seal design, locking the PE tubing in place with a pull-to-destruction strength connection. In addition, Perfection also offers a double seal option for their risers giving the added security of a secondary below ground, fire-safe seal for redundancy.


  • The industry’s number one anodeless riser
  • No cathodic protection required
  • Available with Permasert coupling outlets
  • Unique pressure seal locks PE tubing in place
  • Optional below-grade secondary seal
  • Pressure tested to 150 psi
  • Prebent, straight or flexible designs available
  • Variety of coatings available


  • Simple and safe transition from the below-ground PE piping to the above ground meter connections
  • Connect to the PE piping with safety, integrity and speed
  • Pull-out strength is greater than the connected PE tubing
  • Provides added security in case of structure fires
  • Exclusive pre-test ensures the integrity of the transition joint
  • Designed to meet any field installation situation
  • Epoxy coated and galvanized casings to match your unique soil or atmospheric requirements

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PSV/EFV Combo Shut-off Valves
PSV/EFV Combo Shut-off Valves

PSV/EFV Combo Shut-off Valves

Elster Perfection's exclusive combo valve incorporates a full shut-off EFV inside the industry's leading curb valve. The combo valve automatically and completely shuts off the gas flow if activated, and allows for simple and safe resetting after service line repairs are completed.

  • Sizes from 1/2" CTS to 1-1/4" IPS
  • Available with EFV located in valve port opening to allow for easy manual reset of the EFV without back pressuring the service line
  • Controlled reset of the EFV (not subject to waiting for pressure equalization)
  • Provides the ability for manual shut off under any condition of flow
  • Allows timely and easy purging of the repaired service line

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