Catco 2600
Catco 2600

Catco 2600

The CATCO Model 2600 instrument gas heater is an ideal solution for problems arising from freezing in pilot actuated regulators, instrument supply gas and related applications.

Advantages of the Catco 2600

  • Instrument gas heaters contain no moving parts
  • Simple installation even in existing facilities - connections consist of two 3/8" Tube connections. The model 2600 comes with brackets and pipe clamps for mounting on a 2" pipe riser or is easily mounted on a wall.
  • The Model 2600 incorporates either a CATCO 8x8 or a 10x12 catalytic heater. Units can be ordered with FM or CSA approved heaters for hazardous locations.

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CWT Natural Gas Dry Line Heater
TECVALCO USA CWT Natural Gas Line Heater


Benefits of CWT Natural Gas Pipeline Heater:

  • Closed system that requires no top ups
  • Elimination of costly glycol bath
  • Increased thermal efficiency over conventional technology
  • No outside utility required - system runs on internally generated multivolt power
  • Patented Heat Driven Loop (HDL) Technology
  • Quick response time to actual gas temperature
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Runs on vacuum, resulting in a significant reduction in corrosion
  • Significantly reduced fuel consumption
  • Silent
  • Simplified operator-friendly instrumentation

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