Pulsers and Flow Correctors

ROOTS® Integral Micro Corrector

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The IMC/W2 is a fully electronic, integral, gas volume corrector. Meter size and version are configurable using the User Terminal software. This feature presents a major cost savings to the customer in terms of inventory reduction. Additional cost savings can be realized on the Series B line mount meter sizes, as temperature and pressure can both be sensed internally, eliminating the need for thermowells and piping kits. A new feature that can be supplied upon request with the IMC/W2 is the Micro Generator™. A ROOTS® Meter running at approximately 25% of the meter’s rated capacity can generate enough power to run the IMC/W2 which essentially turns the main alkaline battery pack into the backup battery. In addition, the IMC/W2 has Trim Table capability which, when enabled, increases rangeability and revenue during periods of low flow.

  • Seamless integration with ROOTS® Model 5 prover software when using the Roots SmartProve™ interface
  • T-Only+log
  • P-Only+log
  • PTZ+log
Micro Corrector – Model IMC/W2

ROOTS® Micro Corrector – MC2


This second generation Micro Corrector has the enhancements customers have been asking for. Using the proven MC platform, features were added that make it the easiest corrector to use. Functions were added that enhance data logging and lower operation and maintenance costs, while retaining the great features introduced in the original product.

The ROOTS® Micro Corrector, Model MC2, can function as an instrument drive (ID) or wall mount corrector. As a wall mount model, it can also function as an economical pressure and/or temperature recorder. It’s the only low cost corrector rated for Division I hazardous locations.

Micro Corrector – MC2 Data Sheet

ROOTS® Solid State Pulser

Solid State Pulser

The ROOTS® Solid State Pulser+ generates low frequency pulses which represent volumetric information necessary for remote data collection units. Solid state construction eliminates mechanical switches and ensures maximum reliability. No battery and no maintenance are required. The dual connector option allows one connector to be used with your AMR system and a separate connector for your customer. These pulsers are available for our Series B3 (Life-LubedTM) meters and Series A1 (LM-MA) meters.

Solid State Pulsers Data Sheet

ROOTS® ICEX Counter with Electronic Transmitter


The ROOTS® ICEX, Counter with Electronic Transmitter, is a single channel, transistor output device that provides a non-compensated, high frequency pulse output (four pulses per impeller shaft revolution) for applications requiring gas flow rate and totalization information.

A two-wire output from the ICEX is used to provide uncorrected flow rate or totalization data to accessory instruments or other totalizer devices. Loop power for the ICEX is supplied by the totalizer instrument. An optional cable for connecting to the MSC circular connector is available.

ICEX Counter Transmitter – Data Sheet