Flow Computers

XARTU/1 Series offers
Field to Front Office Solutions™

Volume Corrector

The XARTU/1™-LDVI Volume Corrector is the core product in the volume corrector line. This configuration offers:

  • Single and Bi-Directional versions available
  • AGA7, AGA8 (Detail & Gross Method 1 & 2), & NX-19
  • API Chapter 21 Compliant
  • Configurable for Forward, Reverse, and Net Volumes
  • Ultrasonic & Coriolis Applications available
  • All Wireless options supported
  • Optional LDVI

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Orifice Flow Computer

Orifice flow measurement requires the integration of DP, P & T with adjustments for Gas Gravity and Composition.

  • API Chapter 21 Compliant
  • AGA3, AGA8 (Detail & Gross Method 1 & 2), & NX-19
  • Single and Bi-Directional Measurement
  • Multiple Run capability
  • All wireless options supported

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Pressure Recorder

The XARTU/1™-RtPM Real Time Pressure Monitor (RTPM) configuration is also a fully functional RTU with…

  • Up to 6 Individual pressure measurements
  • Pressure control at City Gate stations
  • Compressor Suction, Recirculation and Discharge Pressure Control Programmability
  • Storage well testing
  • Seasonal injection and withdrawal
  • Pressure scan times of 1/sec or less depending on user requirements

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Volume Accumulator

  • The XARTU/1™-VA Volume Accumulator offers  advantages to an LDC’s transportation customer’s volumes.
  • Accepts High or Low frequency pulses
  • Up to 4 meters connected simultaneously
  • Optional LDVI

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Remote Terminal Unit

As a standalone RTU the XARTU/1™ can be offered with any combination of the following:

  • Configurable as a Drop In operational replacement for many legacy RTUs
  • Configurable as either MODBUS® Master or MODBUS® Slave
  • Supports most manufacturers’ wired and wireless communications products
  • Software programmable to handle most measurement, control, data gathering and alarm functions

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Cathodic Protection

The XARTU/1-CP™ is designed to give pipeline   operators with buried steel pipelines up-to-date operating…

  • 110/220VAC Design with Battery back-up
  • Programmable Historical Data Storage
  • Sample and Hold Precision Surge Suppression Rectifier Monitoring
  • GPS Interruption available for synchronized interrupting and testing

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