High Pressure Rotary Meters

Gas Meters

Series B3-HPC High Pressure Cartridge Meters employ the same positive displacement operating principle as other ROOTS® rotary meters. Gas volumes are measured by two figure-8 impellers rotating in a chamber of known volume. Precision machining to exact tolerances ensures measurement accuracy, while materials of construction ensure high quality measurement performance in the most severe conditions.

1M and 3M measurement cartridges are interchangeable between their common body casting, as are the 5M and 7M sizes. This allows the operator to “right-size” the meter for a particular application. Also, accuracy certified cartridges are field replaceable for ease of maintenance. The new 11M1480 has a 4” ANSI 600# flanged connection. The 11M cartridge is not interchangeable with other HPC meter sizes. An optional full capacity internal bypass is available for the 1M, 3M, 5M, 7M and Series B3-HPC cartridges.

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